Daniel Polotsky — CoinFlip Bitcoin ATMs

Daniel Polotsky talks with Rob McNealy about CoinFlip ATMs and the mass adoption of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

About Daniel Polotsky

Daniel Polotsky is an American entrepreneur and current CEO and co-founder of CoinFlip Bitcoin ATMs. Polotsky graduated from Northwestern University in 2017 and started CoinFlip in 2015 while he was in college. Polotsky worked at Uber, Citadel, and Morgan Stanley before starting CoinFlip. Polotsky started CoinFlip in 2015 after being frustrated with bad experiences with ATMs.

Episode Links

Audio Interview: https://robmcnealy.com/podcast/daniel-polotsky-coinflip-bitcoin-atm/

Video Interview: https://robmcnealy.com/daniel-polotsky-coinflip-bitcoin-atm-video/

Interview Transcript: https://robmcnealy.com/daniel-polotsky-coinflip-bitcoin-transcript/




Artist, Producer & Welder | Follow https://discord.gg/8sBQFKAm, @KrappyArt & @TUSCnetwork #UndeadPresidents #NFTs #NFT #TUSC #PermafrostMovie

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Rob McNealy

Rob McNealy

Artist, Producer & Welder | Follow https://discord.gg/8sBQFKAm, @KrappyArt & @TUSCnetwork #UndeadPresidents #NFTs #NFT #TUSC #PermafrostMovie

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