Haider Rafique — OKCoin

Haider Rafique, the Chief Marketing Officer of the OKCoin crypto exchange, talks with Rob McNealy about the OKCoin, the crypto industry, DeFi and mass adoption.

About Haider Rafique

Haider Rafique is Global CMO at OKCoin, leading growth, content,

product marketing, and community management teams. Prior, Haider was head of growth at Blockchain.com. With an extensive marketing background, Haider is one of the few in the industry with Madison Avenue storytelling chops, and a product marketing and growth playbook from tech giants like Microsoft.

Audio Interview: https://robmcnealy.com/podcast/haider-rafique-okcoin/

Video Interview: https://robmcnealy.com/haider-rafique-okcoin-video/

Interview Transcript: https://robmcnealy.com/haider-rafique-okcoin-transcript/

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Artist, Producer & Welder | Follow https://discord.gg/8sBQFKAm, @KrappyArt & @TUSCnetwork #UndeadPresidents #NFTs #NFT #TUSC #PermafrostMovie

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Rob McNealy

Rob McNealy

Artist, Producer & Welder | Follow https://discord.gg/8sBQFKAm, @KrappyArt & @TUSCnetwork #UndeadPresidents #NFTs #NFT #TUSC #PermafrostMovie

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