Nicolas Hernandez — Fantasy Gold

Nicolas Hernandez, founder of Fantasy Gold, a South American based blockchain project, talks with Rob McNealy about their new smart contracts platform.

About Nicolas Hernandez

Serial Entrepreneur in the tech space since 1996, In 2008 started N.S.E Seguridad Electrónica S.A. a security company contracting with private companies and the Colombian government, Founded Epic Apps Inc a software development company in 2013, Founded and in 2014. Initial Launch of DFSCoin in 2017.

For more guest and episode information, check out the links to my blog below:

Audio Interview
Video Interview
Interview Transcript

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Artist, Producer & Welder | Follow, @KrappyArt & @TUSCnetwork #UndeadPresidents #NFTs #NFT #TUSC #PermafrostMovie

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Rob McNealy

Rob McNealy

Artist, Producer & Welder | Follow, @KrappyArt & @TUSCnetwork #UndeadPresidents #NFTs #NFT #TUSC #PermafrostMovie

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